Exhibition Intro

The “2024FHC South China Impo Food Exhibition(Used name:Expo Food Guangzhou)” will be held on May 10-12, 2024 at Guangzhou Canton Fair Complex(Area A).

With Guangzhou as the window and relying on the strong Chinese consumer market, the exhibition strives to create a highly professional, innovative and influential food industry event in South China.

The exhibition introduces more snack food, imported food, wine and beverage, green organic and health food, dairy products and other high-quality resources.

The exhibition continues to efficiently connect with large channel distributors/agents, supermarket procurement, convenience store procurement, e-commerce channel procurement, community group purchase, micro-business, group enterprise welfare unit procurement, etc. in South China.


Exhibition area


Professional visitors


Quality exhibitors


Professional activities

Held concurrently


Reason for exhibiting

The audience is highly professional, and more than half of the purpose is procurement

Hold a variety of exhibitions at the same time to create a whole industry chain exhibition

The activities were varied and helped broaden industry knowledge

Reasons for visiting

-Help to develop South China & verseasmarket and obtain new trade opportunities
-Focus on brand & new products promotion
-Find and develop new potential customers
-Organize professional purchasers and invite professionals to exchange new technologies
-Help collecting current marketing information


Great events

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